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Thread: Thanks

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    DaveS Guest


    Thanks to all who made the day happen (and the marshalls on Saturday too), the whole event really raised the bar.

    And the course was just savage! I'll be revisiting it as much as I can to make me into a MTBer.

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    thanks folks..
    there were a number of people involved nearly full particular
    Luke Smaul..he was the Event Manager..I hardly had to do anything except be me..He made all the decisions and pulled everything together !!!
    Damo and Alfie who convinced me to run the event after being knocked back several times when I'd asked to run it.
    Adam Tynan - Legendary organisation on the day and leading up to it..
    Sean for all the official stuff and all the other things he does he gets no thanks for
    Colin for the finish,
    Stewart Carr for the 100 million things he does without being asked to do and even though hes just started a new business and his wife has had a new baby he just does so much for us.
    Skippy, you don't even have to ask him , he just knows what to do and gets it done
    Alan Ayling ..hes just a a saint..Parking and Coillte
    All the marshalls , the diggers..the sign on crew
    the timers !!
    Fergal Kilkenny
    All the sponsors...
    All the riders who make it worth..
    People like Damian Hackett, Mike Jordan,Paul Hicks ,Ray Doyle, Gordon Byrne, Joe mcCall, Phillip Hicks, Mark Kenny, Peter Buggle, Mark Kenny, Ryan Sherlock,Robin Seymour who always encourage and give me ideas..
    and countless others i won't remember straight away, but I know when I see you I'll thank you.
    Eamon Wyer for looking after the Kids Skills thing..he gave out 40 Certificates !!
    Orla Powers Rampbo..the kids loved it !!
    Thanks everybody..I have actually lost my voice !!

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    cant believe you put damos name before mine!!

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    leave me alone !!
    I have to say, i was delighted to see Ryan get 2nd Elite, even though he beat two of my favourite riders Buggsy and Joey..he was wasn't even considered elsewhere !!

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    Luke Guest


    That was just a big mad blur to me but what a blur....
    The amount of people you come to rely to run an event like this is unreal. Every member there today deserves a massive thank you.
    The amount of crazy jobs you end delegating and everyone just says yes and gets it done. Thanks everyone.

    I'm just glad that farmer filled in the big ditch at the entrance the day before the event - we are a lucky auld bunch!

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    cheers that was the crack
    loved the course,finished grand, and then got invited over for a free massage, so big
    cheers to stuart,great fun,and thanks to all the race organizers helpers etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    I'm just glad that farmer filled in the big ditch at the entrance the day before the event - we are a lucky auld bunch!
    I bet you're glad he didn't spread that big pile of sh1te in the middle of the field! Well done EPIC, that was some effort today. Loved the course, everything top class.

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    AndyW Guest


    big shout out to Cathal who organised us marshalls over the two days. great job. he looked done at the end

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    now then, that was the utter pinnacle of Irish XC, no doubt about it
    it was like an explosion of MTB racing professionalism, blew people away -

    I had a really great day, an amazing layout in many disciplines - the class track, the food, the stalls, the village, the gantry - brilliant
    dropped my bike to OC Tuning on the Saturday, arrived on Sunday to find it all totally tuned and in perfect race order, an electric excited buzz about the place - perfect start to the day
    big thanks to Stewart and his massage ladies for getting my legs ready for the race, when Gav Carroll spotted the big grin on my face when lying on the massage table he wasn't long running over for some VIP treatment too!

    still convinced I banjoed something in my shoulder, it clicks when I press certain parts of it, and half the shoulder blade is offset from the other half - though that could have been from when I fell off a wall 25 years ago...
    getting knotted in the tape after smacking that tree, and losing a position to Mick Jordan after flogging myself on the fireroad just drove me insane, apologies to any kids/families nearby, the profanity was choice to say the least
    the 'stoke' is a great painkiller though, I'm sure I've enough to last another few days
    my wife had a great laugh at my description of my rage and agony, think it may be time for a new wife...

    Monster thanks to all involved, especially trailbuilders and marshals, the thankless jobs are always the most critical

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    paddyb Guest


    Huge thanks to all involved - amazing course, event, organisation and to top it off I had my best race of the year!


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