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    splorer Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks for an amazing course today, I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great and everything was really organised. I punctured on the fire road climb before the last bit of singletrack but it certainly did not take away from a great event. Well done to all.

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    Dardoz Guest


    ye. thanks a mill to everyone who put the work in. That track is really fun even when its killing you.

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    MADRich Guest


    Todays national champs was the best MTB event I've been at ever. Great atmosphere in the tented village, super course and marshalling - maybe ye should get the job of running the nationals every year :)

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    Basil Fawlty Guest


    Cheers lads for the kind words.

    The amount of work that went into that was astonishing - especially from Luke, Richie and a number of key others - but it's all worthwhile when you hear people have enjoyed it so much.

    If we're doing that again we will have to look into a multi-storey field for the parking...

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    gregc Guest


    Amazing event lads, better than anything ive ever seen! The bar has definately been raised for DH and XC from now on! Deadly course, deadly atmosphere, deadly was all deadly! I'm not gonna moan about my result so I'll keep it positive! :)

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    Gar Guest



    Well done guys - Fantastic event.

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    griff_o Guest


    Big thanks to EPIC! Tough course but a great one

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    rayhaan Guest

    Thumbs up

    I have to say as well that it was an absolutely fantastic course, never a dull moment, the downhill sections were savage, the uphill sections were equally as savage, a seriously technical course with exceptional flow and extremely challenging. I am delighted I had the opportunity to race it, even though I may have missed the start!

    well done to everyone involved and a huge thank you for organising a class day out.

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    orange Guest


    thanks to all the epic crew for all the work and effort that ye put into the nationals great 10/10 on evertyhing , great course great racing again welldone to all

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    Markmc Guest


    Amazing day lads,what a day,great track and whole organisation was brilliant,the bar has been raised big time!! thanks for all the work
    still buzzin! it was a pro event


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