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Thread: EPICmtb Beginner spin Sat 8th May 10am Djouce woods

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    vinnie122 Guest

    Default A Lift

    I know its a long shot but my bro injured himself on monday so iv no lift. would anyone be able to give me a lift? i live in leixlip.

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    ccw Guest


    I'm in

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    SeanO Guest


    Will head along.

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    Fitz Guest


    I'm interested in goin on the spin but not a member of the club yet.
    Is it possible to join the club on the day?
    I see I have to join CI too which I can sort out now, although I'll have to use Epic MTB as my club as I'm not in any others at the moment.
    vinnie122 if I'm going I should be able to give you a lift.

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    you don't need to be a member to do a beginner spin..clubs generally let folks do 3 or 4 spins with them before theres any obligation to join, theres some sort of clause with the CI cover that allows this. So theres no pressure to join on the day.

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    andykc Guest


    I'll probably be along to help out / make the beginners look good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andykc View Post
    I'll probably be along to help out / make the beginners look good.

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    andykc Guest


    You know richie I've been having this sneaking suspicion for a while now that you don't like me in the club. Havn't been quite able to put my finger on why I think that. Maybe it's that your usual level of glowing praise has been toned down ever so slightly or your gentle fluffy bunny approach has gotten a tad bit harsher but whatever it is my delicate ego has been ruffled. I suppose I could go off and join some hardcore club but I really don't know if they'd cater for my love of quite nights in and moonlit beach strolls in the same way that you do :/

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    andykc Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Byrner View Post
    Ugh don't lump me in with the roadies, please for the love of god no. I used to sit beside one in work and all I would hear about was the correct technique for deciding sock length, the pros and cons of various lady shavers and how to maintain proper euro etiquette while racing.


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