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Thread: Womens League Races starting tonight

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    Smile Womens League Races starting tonight

    Hope you don't mind me posting on your forum Richie, I know you have quite a few women in your club and I thought they might have some interest in this.

    Starting tonight, there is a 6-week beginners league of women-only races being run by Orwell Wheelers for women who are just starting out racing. These are handicapped events and aimed specifically at introducing women to racing, however for your more experienced riders they are a fantastic way of getting a good intensive session in on a tuesday night - they're timed to complement the club races most people have on a thurs evening. Do this regularly and its guaranteed awesomeness! :)

    You will need a roadbike to ride these, it doesn't have to be great but mtb's are not allowed(safety reasons). Your club licence is sufficient for these races as they have inter-club status, basically means you can ride them if you don't have an open competition licence. After this 6-week league is up, the momentum will continue as I will be running my womens Wicklow League in June, based in Ashford. We hope these leagues will act as a stepping-stone towards open racing and provide an simple way to improve your fitness and get you used to racing against lots of other women - after all how often does that happen??

    Like a club race, these races will last 30-40mins, but the first one (tonight) is a time trial, the rest are laps on a fast circuit in sandyford -don't let this put anyone off, great practise for fast cornering and jumping out of corners is great training for power and acceleration, translates very well to mtbing. All the details can be found on Orwell Wheelers site and there'll be more info, reports, photos etc on
    Hopefully we will see some Epic riders there!

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    no problem Jenny, feel free to post anythng you like on here !

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