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28-09-09, 10:10 PM
The Start is a mass start leaving Kippure house with a nice fast 1.5km on the road
A couple of minutes later and you will hit Athdown and you’re on fireroad and climbing for one kilometer. On from there and you head downhill on the first technical descent of the day and into some flowing fast single track for 1km before getting on to an old double track for 2km’s.
You’re now in Cloughleagh and more winding single track and double track before getting into even more single track ahead of a fireroad climb for 200meters. Head down from here and full concentration required as you have 2km’s of intense single track
After the last 2km’s of single track it’s time to get into a rhythm and focus on the steady 3km climb before you get into a steep one hundred meter climb before a short descent and a river crossing (feet up) and then more climbing through a fantastic open heather single track for another km.
Back on the road for a bit and some more tarmac let you get your breath back and it’s on to Butter Mountain and we’re back into a mix of fireroad and single track before descending down the old downhill track (just past Mick Jordan’s house, K Capital Challenge feed sponsor, so just pop in and ask for food if you’re hungry) and a bit more climbing now for about 2km’s and you’re into some nice double track climbing and descending.
From here it’s a short bit of tarmac before heading back towards Athdown to climb for the last time before hitting the fast flowing single track before the finish. Once you’re back into the grounds of Kippure house it’s head down for the final finish loop.

There will be a feed on the course as per the other rounds.
It is hunting season in the area so pre-riding on the Saturday is not advisable.
Course and Distances are subject to change:
Long course – 28km’s
Short course – 18km’s

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