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09-29-2008, 08:43 PM
Well, just back from a week in bubion, so a few notes for anyone heading out there or thinking about it. Anyone who doesnt know it - its this biking heaven, located about 2.5hours from malaga airport with year round all mountain biking...somewhere between XC and DH. We had a very mixed group - I was somewhere in the middle - and there is something for everyone as long as they have good leg / arm armour.

The trails this time round were way more aggressive due to some very heavy rain int he last few weeks with played havoc with a few of the old trails like silkpanties, cresta run etc..The super trails like 57 switchbacks ( 2 km of downhillswitchbacks) & john thomas were still there but far rockier but still mainly rideable. moody french man, flowtastic, german box, 47 stitches were in super condition and you were buzzing at the end. The rougher trails meant a softtail was a big advantage

It was Mikes bussiest time of year - between now and november - but he still made a real effort to come out to guide , have drinkers, dinner etc.. He's talking about moving to grenada on the north face of the sierra nevadas in january and doing a lot more DH stuff.

The 'nighlife'in bubion is almost gone with 'guberion', the cool place which rogan pillaged, shut down and 'copables' changed hands and looking pretty rough. All in all, cant recommend the place enough though for a week or long long weekend..incrediable trails, amazing setting and mike himself makes for a great holiday

All in all, a tough week , well worth the trip and if you can get a full group together its even better