View Full Version : Food at the Blast

08-25-2008, 08:08 PM
Ok we still need someone / some people to sort out the food for the Blast and what we need can be split in to two different items.

1. As people did for our NPS, we need people to make cakes, sandwiches, biscuit etc. and bring them along on the day, if everyone brings something than we should have enough to feed people after the racing.

If someone wants to make a load of sandwiches, then costs will be covered.

2. We need someone to look after the food on the day. All this will entail is getting all the food set out on the tables for the end of the race, looking after the food and drinks and making sure everybody is happy then the race finishes. Other people will help but we just need someone to be in charge. It will not take up all of the day so you could even race the qualifiers and heats.

If you are entering the race and you bring the person (ie girlfriend, boyfriend, family member) who will look after the food, you can race for free.

If you are interested then PM me or speak to me when you see me on the Epic spins.


Brian / Jack