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14-02-11, 10:40 AM
The 2011 Irish XC race season kicks off on 20th March with the Leinster League Round 1 presented by Racing795 (http://racing795.com/2011/01/22/leinster-xc-league-round-1-20th-march-2011/).
In 2010, the Wexford-based club put on a killer Leinster League race with an amazing course which had everything from DH-style rocky techy descents to super-fast swoopy flowing singletrack, and of course, that lovely Thai food afterwards!
A taster of the hot spicy-singletrack from last year can be seen below – and there’ll be even more of it this year!

Riders will be delighted to hear that the Davids (http://racing795.com/2009/06/14/xc-nps-7-three-rock-dublin-14th-june-2009/), Rudolph (http://racing795.com/2011/01/24/rudolf-brinkman-club-champ-2010/) and the rest of the hard-working 795 gang have extended the singletrack sections further to create what will be a very rewarding course, no word yet on the food but be sure to keep checking their website….
If this is your first time racing, click here for an overview (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/racing/racing_overview/) of what to do on the day.
You must REGISTER online and PAY online for this event, registration for this event will be open on 20th Feb 2011.
Click here for the Online Registration (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/racing/event-registrations-by-category/online-registration-form/) utility.
Racing795 want to ensure that the sign-on and issue of chip-timing tags and number plates goes as smoothly and quickly as possible on the day so they have required that everyone registers and pays online in advance.
You will also be able to pay for your One Day Licence online (if you need one), so everything will be ready for you when you arrive at the event – which means more time for practice and preparation and less time standing in queues – good news!
More info on online registration can be found here (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/racing/event-registrations-by-category/).
Further race info will be posted on the Racing795 website (http://racing795.com/2011/01/22/leinster-xc-league-round-1-20th-march-2011/) in the lead-up to the event.
Of course, riders will also be very much looking forward to competing against each other in the brand new*ability-based XC racing categories (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/2011/02/14/2011-new-xc-racing-categories-announcement/), and be in no doubt that this event will rival or exceed the quality of any NPS so make sure to get down to Bunclody and race your legs off!
The other two Leinster Leagues races are also NPS rounds – these are the*IMBRC (http://imbrc.com/) (NPS round 1) and Cuchulainn (NPS round 7) events.

More... (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/2011/02/14/racing795-presents-leinster-league-round-1/)

14-02-11, 11:12 AM
this event was top notch last year.cant wait to head back down and ride the course again

14-02-11, 11:30 AM
bit of a typo - should be:
"IMBRC (NPS round 7) and Cuchulainn (NPS round 1) events."