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14-02-11, 10:40 AM
As previously communicated, the Offroad Commission has investigated the introduction of ability-based XC racing categories for 2011 and subsequent years.*After consultation with various members of the XC racing community, a final decision has now been made.
The new ability-based XC race categories for 2011 and beyond will be named Senior 1/2/3/4

Women’s categories were already ability-based with the existing categories, these categories will be now renamed Senior Women 1/2/3.
The composition of these categories is as follows:
Ability *CategoryOld CategoryMENSENIOR*1Elites, top-end Masters, Experts, VeteransSENIOR 2Mid-field Masters, Experts, VeteransSENIOR 3Remaining Masters, Experts, Veterans and top-end SportsSENIOR 4Remaining Sports ridersWOMENSENIOR WOMEN 1Elite WomenSENIOR WOMEN 2Expert WomenSENIOR WOMEN 3Sport Women

At riders request we have compiled a list of recommended rider categories for the 2011 season.*This list is advisory only and is based upon 2010 race performance and input from clubs.*You can view the list here (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/racing/2011-xc-rider-categories/).
Do not be concerned if your name is not on the list as you are free to pick whichever category you like in 2011, though it is hoped that riders will enter into the spirit of competing in their suggested categories with riders of similar ability.
All Senior categories will be full NPS categories, with league placings and prizes.
A grading system will be drafted during 2011 and implemented for the 2012 season – riders must ride their designated category for in 2012. Grading will be based up on race performance and overseen by a grading panel.
The ability-based categories apply to senior riders only so Juniors are not affected. However, riders over 16 have the option of riding in Senior 4 if they wish.
If you have any questions relating to the new categories and grading, please email grading@offroadcyclingireland.ie.

More... (http://www.irishxcmtb.com/2011/02/14/2011-new-xc-racing-categories-announcement/)

14-02-11, 07:32 PM
Senior 3 looks like the "craic"! Gonna be some great dices throughout!

Max Power
14-02-11, 07:43 PM
They all do! If half of those people turn up to races it will be like an M50 at rush hour!

14-02-11, 08:45 PM
I think anyone secret training in Gran Canaria on a Road bike in March should be in senior 2....!

14-02-11, 08:49 PM
dont know richard i'd say the gregg will walk that cat!

14-02-11, 08:51 PM
I think anyone secret training in Gran Canaria on a Road bike in March should be in senior 2....!

Why would you go to the Canaries and train on the road ?
In 2012 there will be a New Team on the block and they will be doing at least 2 preseason trips to the Canaries to " train ".
know any good guides Dave ? ;)

14-02-11, 09:07 PM
Coming from abroad I must say that I really like the A1-4 categories for road races even though it took me a fair while to understand the logic. At first the system of age groups until 23/from 40 and an elite/hobby differentiation in-between, from back home made much more sense to me and I still think it's fairer this way but it's a lot more fun to be able to race with riders of similar speed and be in with a chance for a placing even without hours and hours of training.

So I agree with the 1-4 system but why oh why do they have to be called "SENIOR" 1-4? The odd thing I've noticed here is that cycling/mountain biking seems to be something for people aged 35+ unless you're elite. Being 26 I really feel like a child sometimes while riding or the few races I've been to:) Calling the categories "senior" enforces the "seniority requirement" of the sport even more in my mind.

P.S. The move to open a Facebook page was a nice move against the seniority perception.

A guy who really doesn't want to be called a senior just yet:)


14-02-11, 09:19 PM
good man , Karl..theres way too many old farts on here who think they know better than us Facebook generation kids !!
the losers !!!!
I think the whole idea of calling then Senior is Fergal Kilkennys way of making himself feel important, as in Senior to us !! the old bollix that he is !!
this is all about reverse ageism !!

Seniority perception..I love it !!

this is the schit right here !!

14-02-11, 11:08 PM
top notch guff right there, no idea what it's about but sure keep it up

you should have heard what Morgan wanted to call the categories, and you know Morgan's 'quirky' sense of humour, nobody would have turned up to the races...

15-02-11, 11:35 AM
I keep reading that and I get more confused each time, is it lost in translation ?
And to happily flog a dead horsey, what would you call the Categories, bearing in mind that its not going to be changed and when there was pages and pages of opinions on the matter, you had no comments to add.