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The 7th and final round of the 2010 Irish XC NPS takes place on Sunday 4th July in the birthplace of Irish mountainbiking – 3Rock Dublin.
3Rock was the place where the Dublin-based legends of the sport, many of them original MADMTB members – Robin Seymour, Darragh Mortimer, Sean Herlihy, Joe McCall, John Pennefather, Rory Walsh, Richie Byrne, Peter Purfield and others – thrashed, crashed and jumped their way into the Hallowed Bible of Irish Offroad Legends.
Back in the day, they ripped around the trails like possessed maniacs, thinking only about the next 30 seconds of trail coming at them, with not a thought that *20 years into the future, most of them would still be at it (maybe less crashing but just as manic).
In recent years, MADMTB has spent many long days and evenings up 3 Rock in all types of brutal and wonderful weather, digging, lopping and clearing new and existing trails by hand to provide top-class singletrack thrills for the Dublin locals and visiting MTBers.
This year, MADMTB have a brand new race course – (no dual-way fireroad this time).
We’ve added some great new superfast singletrack, the combined ‘Sprint’ and ‘Turf Surfer’ trails in particular are very likely the longest and fastest trail section you will ever have raced on in an NPS! (check the video!)

This years XC NPS has been very well attended by the MTB racing community and has provided some incredible racing, in particular the Masters category – huge numbers and viciously competitive, where MADMTB/Pronghorn racing (http://www.pronghornracing.dk/) Oisin ‘Bomber’ Boydell has now secured his position at the top of the table, but the battle still wages on and the fire is in the eyes and bellies of riders such as*Kevin Stanley (IMBRC), Rob Tobin (IMBRC), Adam Wojnar (EPIC MTB), Richard Close (MADMTB), Mark McGauley (MADMTB), and Alfie Wallace (EPIC MTB) who will definitely be giving their utmost to try finish inside the top 5 in order to claim one of those great looking glass trophies as presented at the Offroad AGM last year. All these riders are familiar with the various 3Rock trails but will need every small advantage they can grab in order to get the edge on each other, it’s going to to be fast and furious!
MADMTB have secured the illustrious commentary/DJ/commissaire services of The Godfather of Irish MTB – Richie Byrne from EPICMTB, who will be roaring abuse/encouragement and blasting-out the heavy rock tunes and spurring the riders on as they pass through the Start/Finish area. All riders appear to accelerate very quickly past Richie in morbid fear of what he is going to tell the public about them!
Course description

Course is approx.. 6.2 km long, taking approx. 28 min on a test lap (for a top Master rider). *The course has a perfect blend of open mountain trail, forest singletrack and fireroad and is running fast and dry at present.
Start out on a short section of fireroad up from the carpark, then left and up the wide track and weave through the rooty short forest section and out onto the main ‘Strada Bianca’ fireroad. Hammer along this in the big ring, thinning-out the pack and trying to get a good lead on your opponents before slipping right and down the chute to ‘MX’.
Along MX, up the sharp short kicker and down the super-swoop, pop off the little jump at the bottom and on the gas again through ‘Back Breaker’ (digging this section nearly broke us!). Blast through the wide path and boost up the bank and into Rock n Roll!
Weave your way through this twisting fast & very dry forest, then out and up the short kicker of ‘Blue Oyster’ and onto the main fireroad climb. Crest the climb then left at the barrier and over the large slabs, left and along and down through the super-fast ‘T-Connector’ and warp down the sandy singletrack into upper ‘Rock n Roll’.
A quick zip through this section then sharp on the brakes a hard right up over the bank, then out and up the sandy path.
Left at the fork, along and right at the fireroad, short shallow climb then left up the access road, across the linker, and blast down and right into ‘Sprint’ and continue across to ‘Turf Surfer’ – rip along this superfast & exciting double-to-singletrack, and drop down the gnarly root-step sections and out and right onto the fireroad.
Out of the saddle and hammer on to ‘Something Funky’ carving and ripping your way through the loose forest floor with plenty of mini-bermed turns and humps and pop out into the Start/Finish area.
Event Sponsors

http://www.madmtb.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/wheelworx.jpg (http://www.wheelworxbikes.com/wwx/article.php?story=20100526182524534) We’re delighted to announce that as one our race sponsors is the *Wheelworx Sport Lab (http://www.wheelworxbikes.com/wwx/article.php?story=20100526182524534).
The 1st place Elite, Elite Woman and Junior will win a Labworx Test in the new Sports Lab!</p> And in the spirit of competition, the fastest winning time of Experts or Masters with also win a test in Labworx.

The Sports Lab have also extended a discount for the Lab to ALL competitors at the MAD NPS race! http://www.madmtb.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/OC-TuninglogoSMALL.jpg (http://www.octuning.ie) James from OC Tuning (http://www.octuning.ie) will be at the race to provide technical support to all rides. OC Tuning will also be providing a number of prizes on the day. http://www.madmtb.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/logo.png (http://www.clubenergise.ie/)http://www.madmtb.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/McVitieslogo.jpg (http://www.unitedbiscuits.com) We’ll also have plenty of goodies from McVities and Club Energise to keep your energy levels topped up throughout the day. Sign On

All riders are required to use the Online Registration facility (http://fs17.formsite.com/offroadeventsreg/XCevent/index.html).
Online registration closes at 8pm on Saturday.
Priority in the sign-on queue will be given to pre-registered riders, anyone who has not pre-registered will have to wait until the pre-registered riders have signed-on, so make sure to register online!
Sign-on will open at 9:30am and will be located on the left hand side of the car park in the white Cycling Ireland tent. Please try to have the exact race fee as this will save time for all involved and have your Cycling Ireland licence if you have one.
Sign-on closing times

Under 8/10/12: sign-on closes at 10:45 am sharp
U14/U16/Sport/Women: sign-on closes at 11:30 am sharp
Senior categories: sign-on closes at 1:00 pm sharp
Start Times

Start time Category Laps 11:00 Under 8s tba (mini course) 11:01 Under 10s tba (mini course) 11:02 Under 12s tba (mini course) 12:00 Under 14s 1 lap *(full course) 12:00 Under 16s 2 laps (full course) 12:00 Sports men & women 2 laps *(full course) 13:15 Prize giving for under 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s and Sports Men & Women 13:30 Elite Men 5 laps *(full course) +1 minute Elite Women and Juniors 4 laps *(full course) +1 minute Vets (40+) 4 laps *(full course) +1 minute Experts (18+) 4 laps *(full course) +1/2 minutes Masters (30-40) 4 laps *(full course) 16:00 Prize giving for Elites, Juniors, Experts, Masters and Vets NOTE: Number of laps may change on the day depending on the condition of the course.
NOTE: If this is your first time entering a cross-country mountain bike race please note that there will be club members on hand on the day to give you any advice you might need about the event. If you want more information as to which category to enter then please email Mark Cromie (secretary@madmtb.com) MAD Club Secretary
Entry Fees

Category Fee Elite Men, Elite Women, Experts, Masters, Vets, Sports Men, Women €20 /*£20 Juniors (17-18), Under 16s €10 /*£10 Under 14s, Under 12s, Under 10s, Under 8s FREE Race Licences

All competitors are required to produce their Cycling Ireland licence in order to receive their race number. Day licenses will be available to purchase on race day. Details below.
Participants fall into one of the following three scenarios:
1- Rider has a Cycling Ireland (CI) Race Licence: You will need to produce your licence at sign-on, there is no requirement to purchase a 1-day race licence.
2- Rider has a Cycling Ireland (CI) non-Race Licence Rider will need to purchase a 1-Day Race Licence. Cost is: Senior/Junior/Veteran €10/£9, Youth (born after 31st December 1993) €0/£0 If you have either a CM (Club Member), NC (Non-Competition) type licence, then you will need to purchase a 1-day race licence (details shown at the bottom of your Cycling Ireland licence card).
3- Rider does not have any type of Cycling Ireland (CI) Licence Rider will need to purchase a 1-Day Race Licence. Cost is: Senior/Veteran €20/£18, Junior €10/£9, Youth (born after 31st December 1993) €5/£5

Tea, coffee, water and snacks will be available from 1pm onwards. There will also be a coffee-van on site for the duration of the event.
Car Parking

There is ample car parking in the main event field. Please park with consideration for other riders and follow the instructions of the car park attendants.

Portaloos will be provided in the main event field.
Tents / Marquees

There will be space within the main field to erect tents / marquees. Please email race organiser in advance for further information.

The race venue is on Ballyedmonduff Road, near Stepaside in south County Dublin. The event will be signposted on race-day.
From junction 15 of the M50 (View Larger Map (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&source=embed&saddr=Unknown+road&daddr=Ballyedmonduff+Rd&hl=en&geocode=FVadLAMdkq6h_w%3BFbY7LAMdXxKh_w&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=14&sll=53.244776,-6.188993&sspn=0.033385,0.070038&ie=UTF8&ll=53.244776,-6.188993&spn=0.033385,0.070038&t=h)):
<ol> Coming from the North, take Exit 15 of the M50
At the roundabout take the third exit
Go through two roundabouts
Continue straight onto Glenamuck Road
Turn left at Enniskerry Road
Take the next right turn (at Ambrose Glass Motors)
Continue along Ballybetagh Road to Glencullen
Just after

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come on!
get signed up! (http://fs17.formsite.com/offroadeventsreg/XCevent/index.html)
Only 11 of ye registered so far - I expect to see at least 100 of ye growling and raging to let rip on the start line!
Look at the deadly video I made specially for ye - if that doesn't get you going then you are wasting your time on this planet.....

29-06-10, 01:44 PM
come on! Only 11 of ye registered so far - I expect to see at least 100 of ye growling and raging to let rip on the start line!

Well that's one more than your lot!!

29-06-10, 02:01 PM
good man Lynchy, glad someone is paying attention to my lovely charts...

29-06-10, 02:19 PM
Just read the preview ..... "6.2kms" of one of Fergals courses, well that sounds good ..... "28mins for a good Master" .... that's 45 minutes for me but I'm sure I'll only be doing 3 laps, won't I? "4 laps for Vets" .... wtf ... I'll be out there for ever .... even Smither's will have left the Blue Light before I get there!!!
Really looking forward to this!

29-06-10, 02:27 PM
you'll be having so much fun you won't care about laps, just get down the rooty step-downs and you're flying....

29-06-10, 02:35 PM